Up until now I my crochet projects have been limited to accessories, so I decided it was time to take the plunge and make a larger article of clothing: a poncho!

I found this poncho on pinterest, and decided to give it a go. The pattern was extremely easy to follow and took me less time than I had originally thought due to the large crochet hook size and heavier weight of the yarn.

I decided to add a little crocheted rosette instead of the buttons that are shown in the example.

Here is how it turned out:


The pattern says to measure from the middle of one shoulder, across the collar bone and other shoulder, down to the place on your arm to where you want the poncho to come to. As I am a tall, broad-shouldered gal (5’8” / 1.73 m)  my measurement was 34 inches (86.5 cm). Then you double that number and chain stitch until it reaches the correct measurement (without stretching your chain – lay it flat on the table / ground to measure).

In my case it took 123 chain stitches to reach 68 inches – 173 cm. Make sure that you chain stitches are really loose, or your poncho will seem to curl on one end. Use a larger hook for the chain stitches if you have a hard time making loose chains.

Hook size: 10 mm (Crochet Hook Challenge: 1/14)

Yarn weight: France size 6

Yarn amount: about 450 g (15 oz) for the poncho plus about 25 g (< 1 oz) for the rosette

Happy crocheting!



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