Giving Knitting a Second Chance

In my “Creative Crafts” class in High School, our teacher also taught us how to knit, but I just couldn’t seem to get the hang out it. I kept dropping stitches, which made my square more and more like a triangle as I went.

One of my coworkers started knitting again recently after I had taught her how to crochet, and was nice enough to take the time and re-teach me how to knit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this time around it was much easier than the last!

My first knitted scarf is now well on it’s way, though knitting is considerably slower than crocheting (or maybe it is just because I’m a beginner).

Check it out:


Stay tuned for the end result!



3 thoughts on “Giving Knitting a Second Chance

  1. I tried knitting before I learned to crochet and I also found that it takes much more time than crochet. I was considering giving knitting a second chance as well, maybe it will be easier for me too this time. Good luck with it!

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