Fingerless Gloves

So as you may have noticed, I enjoy making matching accessories to my crochet projects. Since I had some leftover yarn from my “Drapey Infinity Scarf” & matching “Slouchy Hat,” I couldn’t resist the urge to make some matching gloves. As I couldn’t find any pattern that seemed to fit my hands, I decided to mix and match and make my own!

Here is how it turned out:

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves pattern:

Yarn weight: light worsted (France size 4)

Yarn amount: about 50g

Hook size: 4 mm (Crochet Hook Challenge: 3/14)

Stitches Used:

Ch = Chain

Dc = Double crochet

Fpdc = Front post double crochet (If you don’t know how to do this stitch, check this out)

Hdc = Half double crochet

Sc =  Single crochet

Ch22 (or less / more depending on the size of your hands). Join to work in the round.

R1: Ch 2, dc in all stitches. Join.

R2-5: Ch 2, 1 fpdc, 1 dc – repeat until end.  Join.

R6-16: Ch1, hdc in all stitches.  Join.

R17: Ch1, hdc in next stitch, chain4 skip 2 stitches, hdc in all stitches until end. Join.

R18-21: ch1 hdc in all stitches until end.  Join.

I decided afterwards to add a blue border around the top and around the thumb holes to match the hat and scarf I made previously. To add this border, all you have to do is sc in all the stitches around the top and around the thumb hole, et voilà!

There you have it for my first ever pair of crocheted gloves! I’m already working on another pair – but this time I’m going to do mittens, because let’s be honest: it is getting too cold for fingerless gloves!

I will try and get my act together and take pictures of the other projects I have been working on. Until then…



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