Oreo Crusted Cheesecake

Does baking count as crafting? Let’s say it does. I love cheesecake, and although it has gained popularity here in France in recent years, they basically stick to cheesecake “nature” as they call it here. I personally enjoy my cheesecake with a little more pizazz. My first attempt at cheesecake was such a disaster that it has taken me a year to even try it out again. This time, I did my research about how to make sure the crust stays nice and crunchy and I used the “official” Philedelphia cream cheese recipe (and substituted the “LU” brand biscuits they suggested with Oreos). I was not disappointed.

Check it out:

Oreo Crusted Cheesecake

It may not look like much, but I can tell you that it was the most delicious cheesecake I have had in a long time. The Oreos were deliciously crunchy and the cheesecake itself had exactly the right texture and did not taste like eggs, as it did the first time I made it.

I have translated the recipe from French (I’ll post the French version as well, pour mes lecteurs francophones ;)) and added a few tips.

Here it is:

8 servings

Preparation time: 15-30 min

Cook time: about 40 min

Cooling time: 4+ hours


250 g Oreos

50 g chocolate (milk or dark)

400 g plain Philedelphia cream cheese

50 g butter

50 cl sour cream

4 eggs

100 g sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 340°F.
  2. Remove the cream filling from the Oreos, and then smash the cookies until there are no big pieces. Melt the butter and pour it over the cookie crumbs. Mix the cookies and butter. Then, put the mixture into the pan (I used a round, glass baking pan with a diameter of about 10″) and press down on the crumbs with your fingers until the cookie crumbs form an even layer.
  3. Melt the chocolate and pour it over the cookie crumb crust in a thin layer. Use a spatula to gently fill any gaps. This chocolate layer is what keeps the cookie crust from getting soggy, so it important to cover the entire crust. Let the chocolate cool enough for it to become hard.
  4. Beat the cream cheese, the sour cream, the sugar and the eggs together (adding the eggs one at a time). Pour the mixture over the layer of chocolate, and then put in the over for about 40 min. Place another pan with a little bit of water on the shelf below the cheesecake in the oven. This helps to prevent cracking. You should not open the oven while the cheesecake is cooking as this may cause cracking. After the 40 minutes are up, open the oven and tap on the side of the pan. If the middle is a little jiggly but not liquidy, it is done. Do not stick a toothpick in the middle as you would do with other types of cakes as this may cause cracking.
  5. Leave the cheesecake in the over to cool for about 20 minutes. When you take it out, cover it with a plate and let cool until the pan is no longer warm. When it is completely cooled, put it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours. The longer you leave it is the refrigerator before you eat it, the better it will taste.


La voilà en français : 

Pour 8 personnes

Temps de préparation : 15-30 min

Temps de cuisson : 40 min environ

Temps de refroidissement : 4+ heures

Ingrédients :

250 g Oreos

50 g chocolat dessert (au lait ou noir)

400 g cream cheese Philedelphia nature

50 g beurre

50 cl crème fraîche

4 œufs

100 g sucre


  1. Préchauffer le four à 170° C.
  2. Enlever la crème au centre des Oreos et écraser les biscuits. Mélanger avec le beurre fondu, mettre le tout au fond d’un moule (J’ai utilisé un moule rond avec un diamètre d’à peu près 26 cm). Tapissez le fond du moule de ce mélange en tassant bien avec les mains.
  3. Faire fondre le chocolat et le verser par-dessus les Oreos. Utiliser un spatule pour l’étaler en s’assurant que l’ensemble de la croûte soit couverte. Cette couche sert de barrière entre les biscuits et le cheesecake pour que la croute reste croquante. Laisser refroidir pendant quelques minutes jusqu’à ce que le chocolat devienne ferme.
  4. Batter le cream cheese Philedelphia, la crème fraîche, le sucre et les œufs (1 par 1). Verser la préparation dans le moule. Enfourner pendant 40 min environ. Placer une casserole avec un peu d’eau sur l’étagère en dessous du cheesecake pour éviter d’avoir des fissures. Il ne faut pas ouvrir le four pendant la cuisson. Au bout de 40 minutes, ouvrir le four et tapoter sur côté du moule. Si le centre du gâteau ne semble plus être liquid, le cheesecake est prêt.
  5. Laisser refroidir dans le four 20 min, puis l’enlever et mettre une assiette par-dessus. Laisser refroidir puis mettre au frigo pendant 4 heures avant de servir.

And that is all there is to it! Enjoy!



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