Crafting Frenzy

It has been quite some time since I have gotten around to writing a new post, but don’t be fooled: I have still been in a crafting frenzy! The problem is that recently, I have had a hard time concentrating on one project long enough to finish it!

I finally finished the knitted infinity scarf I was making for my mom. I am pretty satisfied with the results, even though it is really pretty basic. I ended up finishing it off in record time, so that a friend of mine who was visiting could take it home with her in her suitcase, instead of having to snail mail it. Check it out:

Scarf for mom

There is no real “pattern” to give you, but here goes:

Yarn weight: Light worsted (France size 4)

Yarn amount: 250g

Needle size: 4 mm

Stitches used:

K = Knit

Cast on 45 stitches

Knit all stitches on all rows.

Continue until you have reached the desired length (I wanted her to be able to wrap it around her neck twice).

Cast off and sew the two ends together. Finally, weave in the ends and there you have it!

I am currently working on two separate boleros. The inspiration for the first one came from a strapless maxi dress that I have. I wanted to be able to wear it in the spring/fall when it is not quite warm enough to go sleeveless, but none of my cardigans really look nice with it. After searching in all of the yarn stores in town, I ended up finding a color that looked nice with it at an outdoor market. I ended up paying 10€ for 10 50g skeins! What a steal.

I had a heck of a time finding a pattern that I liked for free (once again: I refuse to pay even $1 for a pattern!). I ended up just using the stitch from this pattern and making something all my own. While I really enjoy making up my own patterns, it usually involves a lot of trial and error, and in turn, ends up taking quite a bit longer. The good news is that in the end you all will get to benefit from my struggles, with a new free pattern!

For the moment I have only finished the “vest” part of my first bolero, and I’m struggling through the sleeves. (If any of you have any tips/patterns for sleeves, I would be forever grateful!)

Here is a sneak peak (note: I have not woven in any of the ends in case I end up having to take anything out):

Bolero 1

The second bolero is for summer time, and will be composed of a bunch of granny squares. The inspiration for this piece comes from this bolero. Unfortunately, the pattern is not free (you have to buy the magazine which costs $16!!), so that was just out of the question. I noticed that the bolero was composed of granny squares, so I set out to look for lace granny square patterns. To my dismay, there was a short supply of suitable granny squares. I ended up settling on one that was not quite as fancy as the original, but I’m hoping it will turn out nice anyway.

Check out the first few granny squares that I have started:

Bolero 2

I have also been really inspired by a blog I stumbled upon recently called Refashionista. Last year she did a project where she would re-fashion one clothing item per day. When I was in high school I would sometimes re-fashion old clothing of mine that I didn’t wear anymore, and her blog made me want to get back at it! The only problem: I don’t have a sewing machine here in France… After a short but intense search for sewing machines, I ended up finding this one:

Sewing Machine

I am more than a little excited about it. I will have to work up all the patience I can muster while waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Anyway! Hopefully next time I’ll have some finished projects to show you, if I don’t get sidetracked by anything new and shiny in the meantime. 😉



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