V-neck refashion

I was so excited to start my second refashion that I forgot to take before pictures. 😦 Sorry guys! I started out with a deep v-neck shirt and an old tank top.

My inspiration for this refashion came from this blog that I found thanks to my friend pinterest. In the end, my refashion turned out a little bit differently due to the fact that I didn’t end up having quite as much material as I needed. I made it work though!

Without further ado… here is how I did it:

First I ripped out the seam on one side of my tank top to obtain a flat piece of material.

V-neck: Step 1

The remaining seam from my original tank top was not completely straight, so I then proceeded to measure and draw a straight line, which I would then sew along using a straight stitch.
V-neck: Step 2

I then sewed another parallel line above it, this time using a zig-zag stitch in order to prevent fraying. (Question: my zig-zag stitch seems to be somewhat uneven. From what I gather, this means that the tension on my thread may be the culprit. The problem is that on my machine I do not see where I can control the tension. This is the machine I have. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? It would be much appreciated!)

V-neck: Step 3

Next I cut off the excess fabric.

V-neck: Step 4

Then I layed out my tank top and folded in half the long way.

V-neck: Step 5

I made sure that the measurement from the fold to the top was the same for the entire length, and then pinned it in place.

V-neck: Step 6

Next I sewed along the pins using a straight stitch, followed by a zig-zag stitch, as I did before for the side seam.

V-neck: Step 7

After cutting off the excess material, I turned the tube I had just made inside out and ironed along the two folds.

V-neck: Step 8

I didn’t sew up the two ends, but I probably should have, to keep them from fraying.  Next I started pinning my tube of fabric around my v-neck, with the sewn edge on the bottom and the folded edge on top. Instead of pinning it on the outside (“‘right side”) of the v-neck, as is done in the blog that inspired this re-fashion, I decided to pin it to the underside the original v-neck and then sew along the existing seam.

V-neck: Step 9

The trouble came when I found out that my fabric wasn’t quite long enough to extend all the way to the bottom of the v neck. This was probably because  the v-neck that I started out with was significantly deeper than the one used in the original re-fashion. I decided to continue anyway and find a work around.

V-neck: Step 10

After I sewed around the edge of the v-neck, I decided to add a button to hold the edge of the tube that was not sewn down in place.

V-neck: Step 11

V-neck: Step 12I also hand-sewed a few points to make sure it would stay in place, making sure not to go through the top layer of fabric so that it wouldn’t show.

V-neck: Step 12

Here’s how it turned out:

V-neck After: Close up

V-neck After: Close up

V-neck After

Ta da! While this re-fashion is far from perfect, it’s not half bad for my second try. The best way to learn is by making mistakes (hopefully you can learn from mine so you don’t have to make any of your own)!

I’ve already got an idea of what to do for my next re-fashion, now I just have to find the time to do it! If you’re wondering about my crochet projects, don’t worry I am still working on those as well, there just aren’t enough hours in the day (especially since I lost one yesterday with Daylight Savings Time yesterday).

Stay tuned!



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