Hooded Zip-up Refashion

I’ve had this zip-up since high school, but I haven’t worn it for years because it just really isn’t my style anymore, plus it just isn’t very figure flattering.

Zip-up: Before

This was one of those refashions that kind of had a mind of its own and went in a somewhat different direction that I had originally anticipated, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Once again, this project was sort of an experiment so I don’t have pictures of all the steps, so sorry in advance!

I decided to start off by taking off the zipper and the hood.

Zip-up: Step 1When taking off the zipper, I ended up having to rip out some of the stitches attaching the bottom part, so I decided to take it off entirely. Since this same edging was used around the sleeves, I took it off as well.

Zip-up: Step 2

Zip-up: Step 3

The next thing I did was to draw the new neckline, fold and pin it, and finally sew along it.

Zip-up: Step 4Next, I pinned and sewed along the seam where the zipper used to be.

Zip-up: Step 5

I then folded, pinned and sewed a new hem on the bottom (Sorry no picture). I then tried on my cardigan to see how it was fitting. I noticed that it didn’t quite close, because when I took the zipper off it took off a little over an inch on each side. I had originally planned on adding buttons, but I could see that that wasn’t going to work. I decided to use the extra fabric that was behind the zipper to make a sash.

Zip-up: Step 6

I sewed these two strips of fabric together in center, and then folded them the long way and sewed along the edges, leaving a small opening so that I could turn it inside out.

Zip-up: Step 7

Once I finished, I tried it on and decided that I wasn’t satisfied with how it looked with the sash. That is when I decided to rip out the seam where I had sewed them together in the middle, so that I would have two separate pieces. I then hand sewed each of the pieces to either side of the collar (from the back, making sure not to go through to the other side), so then when attached it would make a bow.

Zip-up: Step 8

I didn’t really like the way the way the cardigan was hanging, so I decided to take in the side seams a little. Then, all was left was to fold, pin and sew a new hem on each of the arms. This was especially difficult because the arm holes were too small to go around the side of my sewing machine, so I had to go really slowly, moving the fabric along as I went (once again, sorry for the lack of pictures for these steps!)

Here is the finished result:

Zip-up: After

Zip-up: After 2

So there you have it! I am (surprisingly) satisfied with how this turned out! Now if the weather would only get its act together so I can actually wear it without freezing, that would be lovely!

Happy crafting!



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