First from-scratch skirt

Ever since I got my sewing machine, I’ve been wanting to make something “from scratch” but I was a little intimidated. That is, until I stumbled upon this video on how to make a “1-hour” skirt (even if it took me longer than that in real life) by sewing only in straight lines. “What a perfect first project,” I thought to myself. For those of you that prefer written instructions to a video, I’ll write it out (with a few tips that would’ve helped me to make it right the first time).

FYI, for my skirt, I doubled all the measurements because my fabric was almost see-through, so I decided to do 2 layers of fabric to avoid exposing myself to the world. For those of you that didn’t see my little “sneak peak” post, here is how my skirt turned out:

Made from scratch skirt: Sneak Peak


– 1-2 yards of fabric

– Elastic


1. Measure elastic to the size of your waist (Be sure to stretch it when you do this, otherwise it will end up being too long)

2. Cut two pieces of fabric so that the the width of the fabric is equal to your hip measurement at their widest point (This is where I messed up: I didn’t catch the “2 pieces of fabric” part, and I only cut one a little bit larger than the size of my waist. Since the fabric wasn’t stretchy, it ended up being too small and I couldn’t put it on 😦  I ended up having to go back and add a panel of fabric in the back, which isn’t ideal, but it isn’t super noticeable.)

3. Measure the length of the fabric to about 22 1/2 inches. This made for a skirt that hits just above my knee, which to me, is the most flattering length. Once again – I am pretty tall (5 ft 8 in), so go ahead and adapt this measurement as needed.

4. Place the 2 pieces on top of each other, right sides together. Pin the sides together and then sew along them leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Press the seams flat.

5. Fold down the top edge about a half an inch and iron it. Then fold it down another 2 inches and iron it. Pin it in place and sew along the edge all the way around, leaving a 4 inch opening to insert the elastic.

6. Insert the elastic, and finish sewing the gap that you left around the waistband.

7. Fold down the bottom edge just as you did for the waistband, and sew along it.

You’re done!

Woo hooo! This would’ve been a relatively easy project had I not messed up the measurements in the beginning. But I guess I won’t make that mistake again, now will I?!

Good luck!



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