How many projects is too many?

If you thought for one second that my lack of posts meant that my crafting rhythm had slowed down, think again! I have taken on so many projects that I have had to cut down on my sleeping and eating time in order to finish them by my self-imposed deadline.

So I ask you – how many projects is too many?

The reason that I have taken on so many projects and that there is a deadline is that I am going back home to Minnesota in exactly 10 days (!) and I have taken it upon myself to make hand-made gifts for family and friends. I always bring home gifts, but this year I had the brilliant idea to make the gifts myself (mostly because I have officially been in France long enough to have already brought home all the “traditional” French things: Wine, chocolate, (unfortunately not cheese and saucission – damn customs!) … you get the idea). I also really love making things for others, so I figured, Hey! Why not?!

But I won’t let the fact that only a precious few days remain (not to mention that of the remaining time left, the the majority of it will be spent working my day job) get me down! I will finish every last one of my projects if it is the last thing I do (though I hope it isn’t, because I am really looking forward to returning to my home town and seeing all my amazing family and friends!)

To tide you over until I have time to post tutorials of all the fun projects I am doing, check out my mountain of craftiness:

Mountain of craftiness


Wish me luck!



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