A very crafty vacation

Hello again my crafting friends!

I bet you are thinking to yourself “How much crafting can one actually get done while on vacation?” Well – you are about to find out, here is a sneak preview of the finished objects I did while on vacation (not to mention that I actually didn’t get ALL my crafts on camera – I gave one of them away to fast — it was a frame for a picture of my nephew and I).

Most of these were done at my very favorite place for crafting: My great aunt’s cabin in Bemidji, MN. A lot of my favorite crafting memories took place there, and it is a source of inspiration for me!

I started out with some jewelry, which really takes me back to my crafting roots. Here are some of the pieces I did:

Dangly necklace

Just a simple dangly necklace – a welcome addition to my wardrobe!

Dangly necklace: Close up

Andddd a close up

I had a bit of trouble getting those hoops tight enough that they didn’t just fall off. I almost lost 2 of the beads, but luckily my great aunt was watching my back and found them before we left! Hopefully they are on tight enough now.

Mosaic necklace

A mosaic necklace inspired by my lovely great aunt

Mosaic necklace: Close up

You guessed it – another close up!

As you may have noticed — I missed a few spots in the middle when I applied the sealant. I hope I can find something similar / not too expensive to patch that up here in France.

A friend of mine gave me the flower part of this next necklace, but sadly the chain broke. I decided it deserved to be reborn, into this twisted bead necklace.

Twisted bead necklace

Twisted bead necklace

You may notice the globs of glue on the ends — I had a little trouble getting that stretchy string to stay tied so I kind of attacked it with hot glue. I may try to find some ribbon or something to tie over it, but in the end I may just say screw it because it is in the back.

Twisted bead necklace: Close up

Check out those beads!

Dying fabric is also a sort of tradition at the cabin, so I decided to give dip dying a go as I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately. I had to try out several pieces so I could experiment with my technique! Here is how they turned out:

Dip dye 1

Dip dyed maxi skirt!

Dip dye 2

Dip dyed mini skirt

Dip dye 3

Dip dyed t-shirt

I am pretty happy with how they turned out, though if I do it again I will try to make the transitions a little less obvious. It is not as easy as it looks!

Last but not least, I found some heavy weight yarn and knit myself an infinity scarf much like the one I made for my mom a while back (except that it knit up 3 times as fast because of the weight of the yarn) The boyfriend caught wind of my scarf making and threatened to steal my freshly made scarf, so I got started on making a grey version for him (not finished yet – but getting there! I’m so proud of how much faster at knitting I am now! Yay for improvement)

Knit infinity scarves

Before I go — I bet you are wondering if I was able to finish all those projects I was working on before my trip, and the answer is pretty much. The only one I didn’t finish prior to going was my maxi skirt, but it was really not as crucial because it is a fall-colored one. I plan to get it finished before I head back to work on Monday. Think I can do it?!

Anyway Here is the fruit of my labor: 15 infinity scarves and 1 crocheted blanket! Take a look:

Infinity scarves

15 infinity scarves in one week: It’s possible!! However, taking pictures with each one individually = not possible. So here you have it! Maybe some of the lovely people I made them for will be willing to send me pictures, and then you will have the added bonus of seeing someone else’s face other than mine! Anyway, I still have some fabric left over and it turns out that I loved each and every one of these, so I’ll probably end up making a few for myself.

And now for the big reveal: Hope my nephew likes it as much as I do!!

Crochet Blanket - Finished

Finally finished and ready to be used by my beautiful nephew!

Crochet blanket: Close up

Close up

Crochet Blanket: Close up of corner

Close up on corner

The tutorials for these will follow, but forgive me if it takes a little time! I’m just getting back into the swing of real life – 4 weeks of vacation will do that do ya (but who is complaining?!).

Keep on keeping on, crafters!



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