Drop waist tank top refashion

Hello again!

Back at you with another one of my re-fashions. Once again, this is a classic case of buyers remorse.

For some reason, I thought this drop-waist tank top would like nice on me when I bought it… Let’s be honest, the only people drop-waist tops/dresses look nice on are stick-thin models with no hips. Needless to say, this top was a re-fashion just waiting to happen.

In addition to the top you see pictured on the left, I also used a basic tank top whose only fault was getting in a fight with my old washing machine, resulting in one of the straps being stretched out beyond repair.

From these two unwearable tops, two new tops were born!



I started out by picking out the seam that attached the top and bottom pieces of the top.

Originally, I had planned to repair the broken strap on the aforementioned second tank top, but I let that stretchy fabric get the best of me and decided to opt for a strapless top.

The stretchiness did come in handy though, because I didn’t even have to add any elastic to keep the top up, I just cut off the straps hemmed around the top of the tank. Then, all that was left to do was to attach the bottom half of the “before top.” Et voilà!

The only thing I had to for after top number 2 (pictured on the far right) was to re-hem the bottom. Ta da! Due to the fact that no one was around to take the picture, all I have to show you have (less than) classy selfie. Sorry about that one guys.

All in all, this was one of the fastest re-fashions I’ve ever pulled off, and I’m pretty satisfied with the results!

Stay tuned for my most ambitious re-fashion yet: My first ever peplum top!



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