Me against the Serger

So I bet you’ve all been leading your own lives without a second thought hanging on the edge of your seats since I told you about my new serger.

After my initial optimism about taking on this new challenge, panic set in when I went to buy my thread.

As soon as “the thread lady” opened her mouth and the words “upper and lower loopers” (in French, mind you) came out, it occurred to me that I might be in over my head.

But all that stress would be for naught, because I would conquer all my fears and thread my serger correctly — the first time, no less!

It turns out that it really isn’t that difficult (at least not on my machine). There is not only a 2-page spread in the user’s manual showing you how it is done, but there is a diagram on the side of the machine.


Not to mention that each spool is color coded and colored dots appear on every hook on the machine so you know just where each thread should go.


The hardest part was the last couple hooks of the upper / lower loopers, but with the help of the handy tweezer-like object that was provided to me with my machine, I successfully threaded my serger!


Ever since I got my serger up and running, I’ve been a busy little serger bee! Check out some of my FOs.

Men's T-shirt to Women's Lace Top

 Men’s T-shirt to Women’s Lace Top

Button-up to Summer Blazer

Button-up to Summer Blazer

From-scratch Maxi-skirt

 From-scratch Maxi-skirt

Stay tuned for the tutorials for these project and more. Vote on which tutorials you want to see next below!


Stay crafty, crafters.




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